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The Law of Attraction Test (Day 16)

July 30th, 2009 by DrJon

Watch this first:

Watch this second:

The Law of Attraction Test

The Law of Attraction Works! Period. :)

I have now got my own evidence that I can attract whatever I focus upon into my life.

The other day when I was doing my morning ritual with meditation an visualization, I decided to put the Law of Attraction to a test. I decided that I should focus and visualize a certain thing that I wanted to attract in my life.

So, I decided to choose something not very common but still not completely unlikely and against my beliefs. I decided that I wanted to attract a purple feather. I guess that is something I got from Esther and Jerry Hicks and the Teachings of Abraham, since they have talked about how they attracted a feather in their life just as a test of the Law of Attracion.

After my morning ritual I got into my day as usual and didn’t think of the test anymore.
However, it happend so that I a few hours later went down to a local second hand store to see if they had any new interesting items and suddenly when I was looking at a shelf of second hand books, I notice a book that somehow seemed to jump up in my face. As I look at the book, I realize that it has a colored feather on the cover and the color is actually a pink purple mix.

The feather looks almost exactly like the feather as I visualized just two hours earlier and suddenly it was all clear to me that this was something I had attracted on purpose. :)

Of course, I had to buy the book, which I had never seen before and it is about a 10-year old boy who has cancer and write some letters to God from the hospital. :)

I’m still facinated about the fact that I managed to attract this book so quickly. It shows that I had almost no resistance in recieving it and it excites me that I can use this method to actually attract whatever I want into my life. :)

What are Your Experiences with the Law of Attraction?
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To Our Future Deliberate Creations,
Dr Jon

Why Always Having Fun is So Important? (Day 15)

July 28th, 2009 by DrJon

[tweetmeme]If you wanna succeed and become successful with something, the probability of success will be much higher if that something is an area of your life which you enjoy and love to work within. Most successful people love what they do and do what they love and that is also a major ingredient in the recipe for success.

Do You Love What You Do?
If not, why are you doing it?
There are always other solutions if which are more fun if you are not satisfied with your job or what you do.

I love my life and to be and Internet marketer, Coach, Trainer, Teacher and whatever I do. I also love the freedom that Internet gives me to run my business from anywhere in the world.

I love most of the things I do on a regular basis when it comes to marketing strategies, and business building, personal developmen. Although there are some required parts that I need to do that are not my favourite things to, but I still try to have as much fun as I can when I do them since it is a part to reach my bigger goal and to do that is VERY fun! :)

So, today’s lesson: Make sure you are always having fun in your life. Do what You Love and it will always be the best solution where you can reach Your peak potential in enjoyment and create your biggest wealth.

To The Top (by having Fun) :D
Dr Jon

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How to Fly A Glider Airplane? An Introduction (Day 14)

July 24th, 2009 by DrJon

[tweetmeme]This is a video where I will take you through a day at the local airport.
I will show You how a glider airplane looks from both the outside and the inside.
I will also take the camera with me up in the air to show you the wonderful view high up in the sky.

The footage is both from the ground and up to an altitude of 600m (2000 ft) above ground level.

The weather conditions this day was very good. A lot of thermal activity in the air which is desired when oyu fly a glider. :)

Flying a glider can be the most peaceful and calm experience you can ever imagine. Flying without an engine, you will only hear the sound of air flowing outside the glider. An Awesome experience that everyone should try at least one time in their lives :)

The flight doesn’t have to be calm and peaceful if you don’t want it to. It can also be the best roller-coaster and thrill ride you can ever imagine! The feeling of butterflies in my stomach when I do a looping or a roll had yet to be beaten by something else. It is definitely one of the best experience you will ever have in your life :)

If you are ever coming to where I live in Sweden and we have connected online before, don’t hesitate to contact me and I’ll do my best to arrange a ride for you! ;)

To the Top (up in the Sky),
Dr Jon

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