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What are Your Goals with Social Media?

October 16th, 2009 by DrJon

[tweetmeme] What Are Your Plans and Goals by Using Social Media?

Do you have a strategy or plan for using social media or are you one of those who planeless are surfing around, chatting with friends and just try to have fun?
Well, if you are in business you will definitely need to have some sort of plan and goals what you want to achieve!


As you probably are aware of since you are reading this blogpost, is that social media can be used with any type of business and the level of Success is to a huge extent depending on consistency and know what you want out of it.


I use social media for basically two reasons. To keep in touch with personal friends and family, but also to build my personal brand and prescence online by utilizing the power of relationships.


If you are an entrepreneur, it is important to have some kind of plan on how to use social media for your business. When you know how to use it in a proper way (not just pitching and selling, but building relationships) you will have a BIG advantage over 95% the people that are using social media for marketing.


Because the fact is, MOST PEOPLE have NO CLUE on how to use social media the right way. Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Blogs etc.. Yes, People know that they CAN use these sites for marketing but almost everyone are using them the wrong way.


So, how can I say that it is the wrong way?
Well, most people don’t want to be pitched and sold as soon as they get a new friend on Twitter or Facebook. Most people want to build relationships first, before they trust a perosn so much that they’ll take business advice from them.


I think you get what I mean if I say that you should not pitch and try to sell someone when you first meet them and shake their hand in real life. Meeting people on Twitter or Facebook is now different than that.


So why are still so many people still doing it the wrong way?
Well, One of my goals is to help people and teach them to market in the best possible way. And when it comes to Social Media, it’s definitely relationships first!


Looking forward to connect with you even more in the future!

To Our Future Successful Relationships,

Dr Jon

PS. Please give me some feedback on this post. Tell me what you think about it! :)

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