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How to Fly A Glider Airplane? An Introduction (Day 14)

July 24th, 2009 by DrJon

[tweetmeme]This is a video where I will take you through a day at the local airport.
I will show You how a glider airplane looks from both the outside and the inside.
I will also take the camera with me up in the air to show you the wonderful view high up in the sky.

The footage is both from the ground and up to an altitude of 600m (2000 ft) above ground level.

The weather conditions this day was very good. A lot of thermal activity in the air which is desired when oyu fly a glider. :)

Flying a glider can be the most peaceful and calm experience you can ever imagine. Flying without an engine, you will only hear the sound of air flowing outside the glider. An Awesome experience that everyone should try at least one time in their lives :)

The flight doesn’t have to be calm and peaceful if you don’t want it to. It can also be the best roller-coaster and thrill ride you can ever imagine! The feeling of butterflies in my stomach when I do a looping or a roll had yet to be beaten by something else. It is definitely one of the best experience you will ever have in your life :)

If you are ever coming to where I live in Sweden and we have connected online before, don’t hesitate to contact me and I’ll do my best to arrange a ride for you! ;)

To the Top (up in the Sky),
Dr Jon

PS. What do You Think about flying? Have you ever been trying one of these gliders?
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Much Appreciated!

Are You Authentic and Transparent? (Day 10)

July 23rd, 2009 by DrJon

[tweetmeme] The importance of being authentic and transparent if you are gonna succeed will continue to increase for a long time. No matter what business you are in or what kind of interests you have. This is my firmly belief.

People will be more and more compelled to do business with someone they resonate with, someone who they got the impression that they know. Even though you can have as much privacy as you choose (and you should have), your presence and the information that is public available about you will to much extent decide how much business you are gonna have or how much people will know you (and resonate with you).

Having your presence online will create a feeling that people know you, and that is the defining factor that will decide if they are gonna buy from you or from someone else.

So, remember this. If you wanna make it BIG online. Be transparent and authentic, don’t hide behind a website or a profile name! People will start loving you (no matter who you are) when you are revealing facts about yourself and your personal life. Things that other can relate too.

And That my friend! That is something that can create wealth in your life!

Have a wonderful Day and I hope to see you soon online.
While Branding yourself! :-)

Dr Jon

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Your Most Valuable Asset (Day 04)

July 12th, 2009 by DrJon

As the topic says, this video explains what the most valuable asset is when you are working online.

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